Paws & Play

Owner: Sasha York

Hello, and welcome to Paws & Play! Here we are focused on providing a high standard of care for your lovely pets that need walking, day sitting and night stay. 

Previously, I have completed a Level 2 & 3 Animal Management Extended Diploma and I am now currently in my 2nd Year of an Animal Behaviour degree at University, so this is an industry I am very dedicated to. Growing up I've always been fascinated by animals and I've been lucky enough to have a range of pets throughout my life.

Making animals a top priority has not only been very personally rewarding but it has also enabled me to exhibit my devotion through pet care services and made owners feel at ease with leaving their pets under my care. My experience has and will allow me to learn and understand different breeds, personality traits and individual needs that pets will have, which leads to constant improvement and positivity at Paws & Play. 

If you are seeking a loyal and attentive pet carer who is adaptable to various needs and behavioural/physical traits, then I am certainly someone who can help you :) 

Please use the contact form to contact us with any enquiries or individual requests.

I look forward to hearing from you and looking after your fur babies!