Cuddling Buddies

Over Night Stay

Any Domestic Pets
Most pets will positively benefit from having a human companion throughout the day and night.

  • This service provides personal care for your pet(s) throughout the day and night. By staying at your home to look after your animals, it encourages a calm and stress-free environment.

  • Pets will never be overly happy that their owners are away, so by having in-home care during the day and night, it eliminates a lot of negative behaviour potential.

  • This service will be adapted and configured for each individual client to ensure you and your pet(s) are completely satisfied.

  • Before this service is agreed and finalised, Sasha will require a meet and greet with the owners and pets to determine if everyone feels happy and at ease with this arrangement.

  • Additionally, if the pet(s) has been arranged to stay at Sasha's home, there is a large paddock area (pictures in gallery) that is perfect for running around and playing. All the previous guest dogs have loved it!!